How You Get Your Money Back:


Federal Tax Credits

Receive a 30% tax credit on the entire cost of your solar system.  Carry back one year, or forward 20 years.  Applies to both Commercial and Residential Systems.

MACRS Accelerated Depreciation

Your solar system qualifies for accelerated depreciation.  Solar is set to a 5 year schedule.  Applies to Commercial systems only.

Utility Payments & Rebates

Some Utility companies offer rebates and payments for purchasing and installing solar systems.  Ask us if you qualify, or check yourself at

Energy Savings

Your solar system produces electricity so you don't have to buy as much from your electric company.  If you have an off-grid system, you wont have an electric bill at all!

PACE Financing

Finance your Solar and energy efficiency project with 100% upfront funding and without any money out of pocket.