Off Grid = No Bill 

Our solar lighting solutions are custom designed to you unique specifications.  Whether you need to light a parking lot, a specific area, or even a roadway, our solar powered lights are a great alternative to grid tied lighting.  Our solutions offer security, navigation, and identification lighting for areas where grid tied power may be inaccessible, unreliable or too costly. 

Plus, you will have NO ELECTRIC BILL!  Our lighting systems are off-grid that means that you will save the expense of running power to your lights AND you wont have to pay an energy bill.

Benefits of Solar Lighting

  • Environmentally friendly solution to traditional lighting
  • Multiple days of autonomy
  • No trenching or other costs from tying to grid
  • Better light quality
  • Different lumen output options
  • Store energy in batteries for when you need it most 
  • Lighting system can be portable 

Custom designed to for your specific needs

We space and design your solar lighting system to ensure that you get the maximum lighting output of your system.  All of our engineers conduct a thorough photometry analysis to ensure optimal lighting conditions. 

Solar Lighting Examples

Each system can be custom designed to your unique specifications and aesthetic needs.  We offer free proposals so you know exactly what system will work on your project!